2014 Supplementary Budget Approved


The Minister of Finance read the 2014 Supplementary Budget in the well of Parliament on Thursday July 10, 2014, and the bill was duly approved the same day and passed into law. The document makes provision for additional government expenditure and revenue beyond what was outlined in the main 2014 budget approved late last year. The amounts involved in this supplementary budget are relatively small (less than 10%) compared to the main budget. There are no great shocks, no glaring indiscretions of government that the suspicious might impute to a revised budget. The largest single item in the supplementary expenditures is Le65 billion (about $15 million) for procurement of medical equipment and supplies, no doubt largely in connection with the Ebola outbreak.

The figures in brief:

Supplementary revenue
Supplementary expenditure
New total 2014 expenditure
New total 2014 domestic revenue
Donor funding
Budget deficit

@Le4334 to $1

Download the complete supplementary budget here