Nov. 20, 2014

APC Discovers Skills Gap in Sierra Leone!

During his budget presentation in the well of parliament on Friday, 14th November, 2014, the Honourable Minister of Finance revealed to the honourable members of parliament that the ruling APC government had detected that a skills gap exists today in Sierra Leone. The country is producing far more okada riders and ataya base operators than doctors and engineers, he disclosed. Some 200,000 okada riders currently ply their trade, he revealed, along with a probably larger number of street traders. Meanwhile for the five years from 2010 to 2014 a total of only 621 graduated from the nation's universities in engineering, medicine and mass communications.

The APC government is proposing in its 2015 budget a special fund to address this problem, with initial government money equivalent to approximately 400,000 United States dollars. Among other things this money will be used to fund specialist training for young doctors and engineers, including presumably some of the aforementioned 621 graduates. However no mention was made in the Honourable Minister's presentation of the overall Ministry of Education budget and the approximately 100,000 young people who leave the school system every year in Sierra Leone. Presumably the APC plans to continue to oversee their entry into okada riding and petty trading.

(Editor's note: We did make our humble contribution to this much-discussed and very important subject months ago, comparing Sierra Leone's WASSCE results with those of our neighbours. Read Dysfunctional Education)

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