Nov 17, 2015
Krio Descendants Union Petitions Sierra Leone Constitutional Review Committee

The Krio Descendants Union, KDU, representing a cross section of the Sierra Leone KKrio Descendants Union meets with Constitutional Review Committerio community, today met with the Constitutional Review Committee and presented their position paper relating to the ongoing review of the Sierra Leone Constitution. About 20 members of the KDU, including its President, Cassandra Garber, Vice President, Sam Macauley and members Alari Cole, Roland Buck and Paul Conton met with Justice Edmund Cowan, CRC Chairman, Saa Kpulum, Executive Secretary and other members of the CRC at the large meeting room in the CRC offices at Miatta Conference Center, Brookfields, Freetown.

The meeting was called to order by the Executive Secretary of the CRC, Mr Saa Kpulum. During her presentation Mrs Cassandra Garber highlighted the lengthy process of consultation among diverse sections of the Krio community at home and in the diaspora that had resulted in the final document. She hoped that the CRC would find the document of use and would see fit to include its recommendations in their final report. In response, Justice Edmund Cowan, CRC Chairman, thanked KDU for taking the time to review the constitution and formulate its recommendations. He regarded the size of the delegation, on a busy working day, as an indication of the seriousness KDU attached to the issue and was also  impressed by the wide-ranging nature of the KDU submission. Mrs Cassandra Garber hands submission to Justice Edmund CowanIn forthright remarks on the land question, which was top of KDU's  list of issues, Justice Cowan said that Cap 122 (the notorious Provinces Land Act that divides Sierra Leoneans into "natives" and "non-natives") was introduced when Sierra Leone was divided into Colony and Protectorate, but now the country was unified there should be one set of land laws for all.

Votes of thanks were delivered by Haja Alari Cole and Mr Paul Conton, members of the KDU Constitution Committee.

Political observers have noted that this is the first time in many, many years that Krios have come together as a group to present a common political postion.

Download full text of the KDU submission to the CRC here...