Founded 1925            


21st July 2009


His Excellency President Ernest B. Koroma


Republic of Sierra Leone

State House


Sierra Leone


Re:  Encroachment and Erosion of Land at the Prince of Wales School



Your Excellency,


In our capacities as Presidents of the Prince of Wales Alumni Associations in the United States and United Kingdom and on behalf of other Old Prince Waleans both locally and in the Diaspora, we feel obligated to write this letter to you to register our dismay at the current deliberate erosion of the Prince of Wales School property adjacent to the Kroo Bay waterfront by poachers as articulated in articles published in the May 14, 2009 and July 1, 2009 issues of the Premier News and Awoko newspapers respectively.  This blatant “land grab” and removal of earthen material in our view presents a clear and present danger to our historic school buildings and the school field.


While the poachers may be oblivious to the potential and future damage their continued removal of material poses to the school’s infrastructure, this removal will facilitate the continued erosion of the banks of the property by the tidal motion of the Kroo Bay inlet.  It could also undermine the foundations of the school’s historic and ancillary buildings, which would be devastating, were any to collapse and could also potentially lead to loss of life.


We recognize that your government is inundated with a myriad of problems and issues nationally.  However, we humbly request the intervention of your government and appropriate ministries to give this calamitous situation the urgency we believe it deserves to avoid a bigger catastrophe.


As you are well aware, alumni of most secondary schools are usually very passionate about their schools.  For a great number of us alumni who live in the diaspora, we know we are indebted to the stellar education we received at the Prince of Wales School.  I am sure you are aware of some of our recent accomplishments like the installation of a solar-powered computer classroom, complete with laptops to aid the pupils and providing scientific equipment for the science laboratories.  We are also very proud that the Prince of Wales School is the premier government school in Sierra Leone and has produced so many luminaries for the country, both nationally and internationally.  In the words of the school song, we want to ensure that The Prince of Wales School always “stands on firmer grounds.”


We humbly implore you to give some consideration to our request and thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter. 


We are attaching a list of Old Prince Waleans who support the contents of this letter.






Melbourne Garber

President - Prince of Wales Alumni Association, New Jersey Chapter



For and on behalf of:


Raymond Moshe Roberts, President, Old Prince Waleans Association, Freetown

Seton During, President, Old Prince Waleans Association UK and Ireland

Amara Omar Kuyateh, President, Old Prince Waleans Association Washington DC Metropolitan Area

Samuel Atere-Roberts, President, Prince of Wales Alumni Association, Georgia Chapter

Bernard King, President, Prince of Wales Alumni Association, Southern California Chapter


Cc:     Hon. Dr. Minkhailu Bah – Minister of Education

Hon. Dr. Dennis Sandi – Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment

Hon. Mr. Dauda Kamara – Minister of the Interior

Dr. Michel Sho-Sawyer – Director, Office of the Diaspora

Mrs. Millicent Ogoo – Principal SSS, Prince of Wales School

          Mr. Aubrey Jones – Principal JSS, Prince of Wales School

          Mr. Moshe Roberts – President, Old Prince Waleans Association, Freetown

          Dr. Delwin Findlay – Chairman, Board of Governors



Supporting Prince Waleans


Annis Adams

Ms Ruth Agwu

N. Emile Akabi-Davis

Edmond Bascho-George

Chris Bell

Nurudeen Bello

Peter Berrie

M.O.L. Black

Dr Alex Blanshard

Titus Boye-Thompson

F.G.O. Bright

Edmond Browne

Jenner Cole

Dr Monty Cole

Vidal Cole

Wilfred Ebun Cole

Victor Cummings

Ivor Cummings-John

Phillippe Davies

Roland Davies

Rowland Davies

Patrick Dixon

Ibrahim Dumbuya

Jerry During

Seton During

Louis Ellis

Melvin Finney

Henry Forde

Sq. Ldr. Winston Forde

Dr Lionel Greene

Dr Monty Harding

Winston Hunter

Gilbert Jarrett

Nikita Johnson

Ahmad Kamara

Michael Katta

Ms Hassie Koromah

George Luke

Chris Macauley

Kevin MacCormack

Wilfred Macfoy

Khadiru Mahdi

Madieu Mahdi

Mubashir Mahdi

Salieu Mansaray

Herbert Marlin

Victor Mengot

Gerald Mensah-Coker

Dr Willie Morgan

Dr Beresford Moses

Dr Ivan O'Brien-Coker

Adrian Palmer

Earnshaw Palmer

Emlyn Palmer

Joseph Pearce

Collins Pratt

Edmund Pratt

Dr Kayode Robbin-Coker

Sam Robbin-Coker

Linford Roy-Macauley

Bami Sawyerr

Keith Sawyerr

Dr Aezick Seray-Wurie

Bob Sharka, Jr.

Wilben Short

Zac Smith

Dr Lloyd Spaine

Malyck Sylla

Toks Taylor

Melvin Thompson

Ade Tuboku-Metzger

Gabriel Turay

Dr Lucien Turay

Sim Turay

Ken Turner

Vivian Venn

Mike Vincent

Victor Coni Warne

Christian J. Williams

Adesola Williams

Ian Williams

Sylvester Zac-Williams

Melbourne Garber

Abdul Gabisi

Alhaji Jabbie

Christo Davies

Collins Goodwill

Edward Tucker

Santigie Koroma

Egerton Taylor

Emile Williams

Horatio Wilson

Dr. Dudley John

Brima Rahman

Lancelot Jeff-Macauley

Maurice Garber

Moses Jones

Roland Cole

George Johnson

Ronald Macauley

Rudolph Jackson

Sallu Alghali

Sigismund Ogoo

Wole Williams

Maurice Jagne-Shaw

Foad Sheriff

D. Guy-Williams

Nathaniel Streeter

Jonathan Nicol

Aki Jackson

Desmond Lewis

Emmenette Mason

Winston John

Desmond Fraser

Valentine McEwen

Henry Forde

Byron Sogie-Thomas

Victor E. Williams

Conrad Cole

Chris Asgill

Dr. Orlean Cole

Victor Cole

Rexford Jarrett

William George

Lloyd Spaine

Archimedes Faulkner

David Stuart

Ralph Beserve

Arnold Blanshard


Arthur Coker

Winston Cole (Abayomi)

Olatunji Fergusson

Malcolm Finney

Mumbie Fredson-Cole

Melbourne Garber

Jehu Hanciles

Charles Harding

Hemmings Harding (Olu)

Naib Iscandari

Alieu Iscandari

Stanley Jarrett

Maurice John

Percy Johnson

Raymond Johnson

Desmond Johnson

Sam Johnson

Rodney King

Mitch Macauley

Cyril Perry (C.A.P.)

Reginald Samuels (Reggie)

Hakeem Savage

Raymond Strasser-King

Reynold Weekes (Reynold)

Samuel Atere-Roberts

Derick Williams

Adeyemi Ibrahim (Dr)

Daniel Ademu-John

William George

Shekou Sesay (Dr)

Brian Wellington (Dr)

Franklin Andrew Lawson

Philip Thomas

Evan Williams (Dr)

Clarence Ademu-John

Conrad Cole (Dr)

Ebenezer Fowler

Babatunde Freeman

Denzil Georgestone

Edward Harding

Kobina Harleston

Ibrahim Huballah

Millern Jarrett-Thorpe

Percy Johnson

Christopher Jones-Asgill

Thomas Sao Jusu

Arnold Ken- Harding

Abdul Halim Labi

Benjamin Luke

Ishmail Mansaray

Andy Pratt

Michel Sho-Sawyer (Dr)

Henry Shyllon

Albert Tuboku-Metzger (Dr)

Ernest Tuboku-Metzger

Victor Williams

Martin Berewa

Banky Cummings

Kenton Griffin

Josephine Jarrett (Dr.)

Sewanu Kponou

Razak Mustapha

Chrispin Renner

Queenston Thorpe

Selwyn Walker

Ms. Alimatu Abdullah

Mr. Rahman Abdullah

Mr. Ackie Adams

Mr. William Akabi-Davis

Mr. Rashid Alami

Mr. Steve (Claude) Alami

Mr. Alfred Dockie Ashwood

Mr. Eldred David Ahlakor

Mr. Alieu Alghali

Mr. Idrissa Bangura

Mr. Sulaiman Bangura

Mr. Nelson Banya. 

 Mr. Sama Banya

Dr. Harold Barber

Mr. Rowland Beckley

Mr. Arthur Ben-Carew

 Ms. Etta Boss Cole

 Mr. Andrew Blake

 Mr.Valentine Boston

 Mr. Theophilus Brainerd

Mr. Sylvester Broderick

 Mr. Dodlyn Buck

Mr. Emile Olabode Carew

Mr. David Chaytor

Ms. Louise Chaytor.

Mr. Chinsman

Mr. Wallace Chima Cline-Smythe

 Mr. Henry Coker

 Mr. Eugene Otto Coker

 Mr. Cozy Cole

 Mr. Desmond Cole

 Mr. Hamidu Cole

 Mr. Hennisson O. Cole

 Mr. Hughlex Cole

 Mr. Isaiah Bami Cole

 Mr. Mumbi Cole

 Mr. Nathan Cole

 Mr. Olatunji Cole

 Mr.William Cole

 Mr. Amadu (Surpie) Conteh

 Mr. Teddy Cosia

 Dr. Sheriff B. Daramy

 Mr. Chrisford Dakin-Davies

 Ms. Chrystabel Dakin-Davies

 Mr. Christian Davies

 Mr. Winston Edmonston Deigh

 Mr. Harold Domingo

 Mr. Ralph Dove

 Mr. Thomas Dundas

 Mr. Alex Dunn

 Mr. Walter During

 Mr. Desmond Ellis

 Mr. Aiah Fanday

 Mr. Elkayna Faux

 Mr. Emmanuel Ade Findlay

 Mr. Jerome Findlay

 Mr. Melvin Finney

 Rev.Jonathan Fitzjohn

 Mr. Olatungie Fergusson

 Mr. Ebun Forde

 Ms. Maxim Fraser

 Ms. Rosaline Frazer

 Mr. Rycourt Freeman

 Mr. Desmond Gabbidon

 Dr. Nicholas  Jack Garber

 Mr. Adebeyi George

 Mr. Donald George

 Mr. Ekundayo George

 Mr. Eretimy George

 Mr. Reginald George

 Mr. Denzil Georgestone

 Mr. Walton Gilpin

 Mr. Derrick Greene

 Mr. Donald Greene

 Rev. Julius Grey-Coker

 Mr. Rhodius Grey-Coker

 Mr. Donald Hamilton

 Mr. Rupert Harding

 Mr. Larry Harding

 Mr. Donald Theo-Harding

 Ms. Muna Harris

 Mr. Mohamed Hassan

 Mr. Ralph Hastings-Spaine

 Mr. Kenneth Henderson

 Mr. Ade Hyde

 Mr. Babatunde Ibrahim

 Mr. Abdul Iscandri

 Mr. Ernest Jackson

 Mr. Pat Jackson

 Mr. Solomon Jackson

 Mr. Donald Jah-Tucker

 Mr. Minkailu Jalloh

Mr. Abdul-Malik Jalloh Jamboria

 Mr. Alexander Jarrett-Coker

 Mr. Stanley Jarrett

 Mr. Alexander Jarrett-Coker

 Mr. Dalton John

 Rev. Simeon John

 Mr. Bako Johnson

 Mr. Tom Johnson

 Mrs. Octavia Johnson

 Mr. T.S. Johnson

 Rev Victor Johnson

 Mr.  Donald  Jones

 Mr.  Ellis R.O. Jones

 Mr. Roderick C.O. Jones

 Mr.  Solomon Juxon-Smith

 Mr.  Abdul Kabba

 Mr. Abdul Hassan Kabia

 Mr.  Emile Kabba

 Mr. Ibrahim Kamara

 Dr.  Sorie Kamara

 Mr.  Karefa Kargbo

 Mr. Arnold Ken-Harding

 Mrs. Maude-Marie Koker

 Mr.Ahmed Tejan Koroma

 Mrs. Aminata Shamit Koroma

 Mr. Kutubu Koroma

 Mr. Madakin Aiah Koroma

 Dr. Marion Koso-Thomas

 Mr. Omar Amara Kuyateh

 Mr. David Legg

 Mr. Joseph Leopold

 Mr. Abdul Rahman Lewally.

 Mr. Lewis Luke

 Mr. Roland Luke

 Mr. Egerton Aki Maccormack

 Mr. Geoffrey O. (Tunji) Maccormack

 Mr. Sylvester Maccormack

 Mr. Ismail Mansaray

 Mr. Sylvester Massaquoi

 Mr. Deinde May-Cole

 Mr. Percy May-Cole

 Mr. Leonard Milton-Cole

 Ms. Beryl Metzger

 Dr. Walwin Metzger

 Mr. Donald Moore

Mr. Leonard Milton Cole

 Mrs. Dorothy Morrison

 Mrs. Ayodele Mseka

 Mr. Victor ‘Ndanema

 Mr. Robert Nemedia

 Mr. Rotimi Newland

 Mr. Donald Newstead

 Mr. Sylvanus Newstead

 Dr. Francis Nicol

 Rev. Silas Nicol

 Mr. Frederick E.A. Noah

 Mr. Eknundayo B.C. Palmer

 Mr. Mike Palmer

 Mr. Philip Palmer

 Mr. Ian Palmer-Davies

 Ms. Sarian Parker

 Mr. Merriman F. (Cisco) Parkinson

 Mr George Patnelli

 Mr. Victor Pearce

 Mr. Cyril Perry

 Mr. Christopher Pessima

 Mr. Alex Pitt

 Mr. Abu Renner

 Dr. Joseph Roberts

 Mr. William Roberts

 Mr. Maurice Samuels

 Mr. Fata Sanu

Mr Amadu Sanusi

 Mr. Sahid Sanusi

 Mr. Haroun Savage

 Mrs. Claribel Sawyerr

 Dr. Elizabeth Sawyerr

 Mr. Desmond Sawyerr

 Rev. Victor Sawyerr

 Mr. Tony Olushegun Scott

 Mr. Victor Scott-Boyle

 Mr. Wallace Scott

 Mr. Larry Sesay

 Mr. Toby Smart

 Mr. Christian J. Smith

 Mr. James Smith

 Mr. Melcon Smith

 Mr. Harry Smythe

 Mr. Clifford Alfie Snell

 Mr. Dunstan Spencer

 Mr. Michael Spencer

 Mr. Desmond Strasser-King

 Mr. Robert Strasser-King

 Mr. Ore Talabi

 Dr. Christopher Taylor

 Mr. Claudius (Chuku) Taylor

 Mrs. Olabisi Taylor

 Mr. William Taylor

 Mr. David Taylor-Lewis

 Mr. Prince Taylor-Lewis

Mr Haroun Tejan

 Dr. Abib Tejan-Conteh

 Mr. Donald Temple

 Mr. Wilfred Temple

 Mr.  Blyden Terry

 Mr. Donald Theo-Harding

 Mr. Bismack Thomas

 Mr. Christian Thomas

 Mr. Emerson Thomas

 Mr. Bankole Thompson

 Mr. Francis Thompson

 Mr. Raymond B. Thompson

 Mr. Sahr Raiks Tumoe

 Mr. Laddie Wilkinson

 Mr. Adebayo Willliams

 Mr. Alex Tele Williams

 Mrs. Amelia Williams

 Mr. A.T. Wadi Williams

 Mr. Bonnie Williams

 Mr. Christopher Williams

 Mr. Cyril Willliams

 Mr. Darryl Williams

 Mr. Denton Guy-Williams

 Mr. Derek Williams

 Mr. Desmond Guy-Williams

 Mr. Donald Williams

 Dr. Evan Williams

 Mr. Fitzgerald O. Williams

 Mr. Henry B. Williams

 Mr. Hugh Benjamin Williams

 Mr. Kenneth Willliams

 Mrs. Marcesca Williams

 Mr. Victor Williams

Mr. Jonnie Williams

Dr. Jonathan Wilson

 Mr. Wilfred Quasie-Woode

 Dr. Ernestine Wright

 Dr. Morfikpara Wright

 Dr. Melville Wyse

 Mr. Victor Wyse

 Dr. Abimbola S. Younge

Cyril Faulkner

Cyril Williams

Glen During

Latilaywah Williams

Paul Pessima

Samuel Kobba

Simeon Johnson

Cyril Grant

Adrian Labor

Ade Jackson

Eugene Campbell

Fuad Abdullah

Harold Roy-Macauley

Herbert Cambell

Leslie Rickford

Macsam Dixon-Fyle

Olu Nicol

Reginald Cline-Cole

Samuel Johnson

Sheku Magona