At the Police Station


Govt  minster accused of rape


A short play


OC Crime: LUC, Sir, we have a serious problem


LUC:  What is it we haven’t handled before? Murder, robbery with violence, arson? You know I’ve dealt with them all.


OC Crime: Rape, Sir.


LUC: Lock his ass up. What are you waiting for? You know the human rights people don’t joke with that kind of thing.


OC Crime: Sir, the accused is a big man in government.


LUC (sits up in chair): Big man? How big?


OC Crime: Government minister.


LUC: We…e..ll, OC, you know these cases we have to handle them with care.


OC Crime: That’s why I brought it straight to you, Sir.


LUC: Have you spoken to him?


OC  Crime: Not yet, Sir. We’ve just taken the complainant’s statement.


LUC: What is she saying? She may be lying.


OC Crime: She says he took her to a guest house. Then he forced himself upon her.


LUC: Why did she go? What did she think they were going to do there?


OC Crime: She has bruises all over her body, Sir. The doctor is examining her now.


LUC: These cases are trouble. Whichever way you turn it. Best thing to do is nothing. Stall. Play for time. Maybe she’ll go away.


OC Crime: The NGO’s are here, Sir. Her family called them. And the women’s groups. And the newspapers too.


LUC: Oh, my God (puts his head in his hands) …I must call my I.G. (picks up his mobile phone and dials)…We have a complainant here, sir. Claims she’s been raped by a minister of government…. (to O.C. Crime) Witnesses? Exhibits?

OC Crime: Both sets of underpants, Sir.


LUC (on phone): Both sets of underpants, Sir…Yes, Sir,,,You want me to call, Sir? …Yes, Sir. 033 694 202…Yes, Sir.


LUC (puts the phone down and shakes his head) They want to make me the scapegoat. He wants me to call State House. If we arrest they’ll ask me, “Who gave you authority to hold our minister?” If we don’t arrest and the hue and cry becomes too great they’ll tell me to go and explain why I didn’t arrest.


OC Crime: Yes, sir


LUC: I’ve been thirty years in the service. Next year I could be assistant IG. All I reed is the right recommendation. With any luck I could retire as—(OC Crime’s phone rings)


OC Crime: Yes?...Yes…No doubt at all, eh?...Well, let’s hope she’ll be all right. (To LUC) It’s confirmed beyond all doubt, Sir. There was forced sexual penetration.


LUC: Remember the time we had the minister’s son here?


OC Crime: Yes, Sir.


LUC: And he had smashed his car. Killed three of his friends. Driving without a license. And we held him. What came of it?


OC Crime: Nothing, Sir


LUC: I almost got into hot water over that one. Orders from above. And that land case? You remember that one?


OC Crime: Yes, Sir


LUC: The party secretary sends his Youth League boys to grab someone’s land. Claims it’s his own, without valid documents. What came of that one?


OC Crime: Nothing, Sir. Orders from above


LUC: And then there was that one with—(phone rings) …Yes? …Yes, Madam Special Assistant. Of course I remember you. You’re in charge of Gender Affairs…Yes…No…No, we’ve not seen any evidence yet…Announcement? I’ve not heard any announcement…He’s been sacked? With immediate effect?...Yes, Madam…Yes…Thank you very much. (puts phone down) OC Crime, I told you we can handle everything in this business. Get the bastard in here! Lock his ass up!