Police officers injured in confrontation with Addax workers



Three police officers have been admitted at the Government Hospital, Makeni, Sierra Leone, with serious injuries following a confrontation with workers of the CRC company, an outfit that is involved in the civil works for the sugar refinery for Addax bio-fuels. Addax was controversially (http://www.brotfueralle.ch/fileadmin/deutsch/01_Service/Publikationen/BFA_Concerns.pdf) granted a large lease of land for the purpose of planting sugar cane to be used in the production of bio fuel for the export market. The whole issue of large scale land leases to multinational companies for the purpose of bio-fuel production has been controversial, not just in Sierra Leone but around the globe. There is global concern as to whether this is an environmentally sustainable way to solve the world’s growing energy needs. In Sierra Leone and other third world countries that are not  food self sufficient there is the additional concern that land, labour, water and other resources are being diverted from domestic food production in order to satisfy the energy needs of rich, developing countries( www.sierraherald.com/landdeals-sierraleone.htm‎ ). Even if this diversion of resources is justified, there is the additional question as to why it should take a Western-based company to organize and profit from it. Why should it not be possible for Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans to organize the large-scale production of sugar cane (a crop we have grown for centuries) without the controversial, long-term lease of massive tracts of land, at least part of which are claimed by Sierra Leonean citizens.


The circumstances surrounding this incidence of violence related to Addax’s operations are still murky, as Addax has attempted to hush the matter up. Superintendent Gibril Turay, LUC, Makeni police, revealed that senior officials of Addax successfully prevailed upon the police not to investigate the matter or pursue the police assailants. Concerned observers have noted that the massive lease of Sierra Leone lands to foreign commercial interests has the potential to ignite widespread violent conflict in the country   http://www.thisissierraleone.com/farmland-the-new-blood-diamonds-in-sierra-leone/. See also More Land Grabbing Sanctioned by Government