Seven reasons why the Sierra Leone Government took 49+++ years to remove squatters from their own top school (in ascending order of probability)


a la Richie Gordon



Samuel Freeman, the Secretary-General of the POW Old Boys Association has emailed excitedly to report that the squatters that have plagued the school for years (see Prince of Wales School, Symbol of a Dysfunctional System) have finally been evicted. We offer six reasons, in ascending order of probability, for the long delay by Government authorities in securing their own property.



1)It was unusually difficult for the Sierra Leone Government to assemble the necessary firepower to confront the handful of determined “homeowners”.


2) The APC is a grassroots party, philosophically opposed to the forcible removal of poor people from their homes.


3) The APC was afraid these people would not vote for them in the next general elections


4) After the phasing out of the Kennedy school feeding program, Education Ministry officials, under the guidance of the APC, devised a replacement plan to have petty traders surround all schools.


5) APC Councillor what’s-his-name, who’s now been charged with obstruction by the police, had taken a good amount of cash from the affected residents, which he had shared liberally with the Sierra Leone Police, the Ministry of Lands and all other stakeholders.


6) Education Minister Minkailu Bah (and his predecessors) thought it was a Krio school.


7) They really just don’t give a damn about education.