We have lost count of the number of times Lands Minister Musa Tarawallie has been accused of thuggery and assorted other illegalities. Why this man has not been dragged to a police station is a mystery to us. In the final analysis it all boils down to protection from the highest office in the land (read At the Police Station). When deputy Minister of Education Mahmoud Tarawallie was accused recently of rape he was quickly relieved of his duties, whereupon our gallant policemen and women sprang into action and arrested and charged him. As long as State House continues to demonstrate confidence in a government minister the police will not act against him.


Sierra Leone APC Lands Minister Musa Tarawallie

Musa Tarawallie has been the subject of many, many allegations (read WHY ALWAYS MUSA TARAWALLIE?) involving thuggery, violence and corruption. This certainly can not be said of all or even many APC government ministers, so these allegations could not be said to be part of an anti-APC campaign. Why should Musa Tarawallie be the subject of so many allegations coming from so many unrelated sources over such a long period of time if there were not some serious character flaw in the man? We do not think such a man is worthy to be a Sierra Leone government minister or even to be walking the streets of Freetown unhindered by the legal system.


In the latest allegations (read Sierra Leone News: Lands Minister accused of land grabbing) Musa Tarawallie is accused of sending thugs onto property belonging to the Decker family of Leicester, seizing it and then selling it off, possibly to multiple buyers. For such serious allegations against a government minister we would expect in a normal democracy a reaction from government. We eagerly await this.