The incidence of official abuse of power and violation of human rights appears to be on the increase in Sierra Leone and to be largely unchecked by the legal system. This site is intended to provide a record of these abuses for posterity. Send your stories of human rights violations to Full confidentiality will be observed. Officials have a right to reply.










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October, 2010 to May, 2013

May 9, 2013

More APC Thuggery!!

...Charles Margai says his land is attacked…

…First Lady accused…


Musa Tarawallie Again!!

...issues statement in support of the attack…


A Rebel Mentality




    Margai arrested!

APC thuggery rears its UGLY head

...Musa tarawallie at center



Imodale Caulker-Burnett weighs in on the Annie Walsh school-turned-market issue

“It occurred to me that the Annie Walsh issue was really one symptom of a larger problem which the country must deal with.”


A rejoinder by Anthony K. Kamara

“…their forefathers (the Black Poor and the Nova Scotians and others) were illegally settled on land ruled by a Temne ruler of the Koya kingdom Bai Kompa



Temne or Krio?

2012 Elections – European Union Observers Final Report backs opposition complaints




 Download EU Observers Final Report

Feb 28, 2013 Newly installed Minister of Lands, Musa Tarawallie (former Minister of Internal Affairs, see earlier in natinpasadvantage) has led a team of armed OSD officers to demolish a wall under construction by a private businessman.


Ok, Ok Okay! You can sell on the sidewalks for now until we build shops for you

In fact since elections are only four years away, and to show what a nice person I am, I’ll throw in the Annie Walsh school as well.!





Feb 8,2013 The people of Manonkoh, Port Loko district are still complaining about extensive flooding of their village due to mining activities of London Mining. The company, whilst acknowledging that there is a problem, insists that the flooding is the fault of the previous mine owner, DELCO.

There should be no fear about the rule of law here…..

…See how quickly the police cleared the streets once I told them to!


...Chairman’s vehicle attacked at party HQ!




Lucilda Hunter


The petty traders, the market women, the okada riders, all voted for me because…..

…they knew I was going to clear them off the streets in thirty days!

Sam talks now like he’s the boss. Blocking our deals. Putting his own people in.

Move him aside. Out of the money trail.

We can’t sack him. He knows too much.




Dec 14, 2012 State opening of Parliament







Those lights. The 25 million dollar lights. They’re not very bright!

Police deny responsibility for 2 killed in Kono workers strike……..



So my people (who returned me to power) will have more and more space to spread their wares!

I tell you, I’m going to build more and more roads.







SLPP alleges massive over voting and ballot stuffing.

I take it back. We actually think this loan will be wiped off like all the other ones. Our children are free!






Mystery of the disappearing SL voter!

Sir, is it true the President’s sister is involved?






Absolutely not! We all know she’s in the restaurant business.

Sir, can you afford to spend 25 million dollars on solar street lights?

Of course we can. It’s a soft loan. Our children will pay!

Sir, do you realize this is 10% of the entire national budget?

This means we have 90% left to award contracts with!

Krio Descendants Union on human rights violations in Sierra Leone  - “Six separate and far-reaching resolutions were approved at a meeting of the Krio Descendants Union held on….” READ FULL REPORT









Krio Descendants Union president, Cassandra Garber addressing members.











Well done, my boys. Tactic number 001 – build a cult of personality and even a third term can be yours!

Pah! I didn’t even get one day!

Our Dear Leader has put us on the path of greatness. World’s best!.


Our Great Leader’s wisdom moved the IMF to give us loans.

Our Wise Leader has  written his own Great Red Book, inspired by the Almighty.

APC, SLPP leaders’ convoys in confrontaion

Two convoys carrying the leaders of the APC and SLPP, His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma and retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio were involved in a confrontation on……..READ MORE


These two parties

to the core…two

crazed individuals

Have you read a good Sierra Leonean book  (about SL or by a Sierra Leonean)  recently? Send your review to


hate each other

groups of power-

…..Read More


Oct. 10 Alpha Kanu, APC government minister and publicity secretary claims foreign journalists kidnapped, detained at SLPP HQ and tortured. Watch video “Foreign journalists kidnapped”









John Bankole Jones reviews “Okrafo…A Liberated African Family”

Because of all my accomplishments, people now are calling me world’s best


But sir, but sir, the World Economic Forum recently rated Sierra Leone 143 out of144

Forget about that. They used the wrong data!







Look at my infrastructure program. See Wilkinson Road under  my astute leadership

But sir, but sir. The roads in Freetown are full of potholes

Forget about that. I’ll fix them during my next  five years.

Our wise health policy has benefited thousands of women and children.

But sir, but sir. Thousands have become sick with cholera

Enemy of progress! Enemy of development!

Sept. 26, 2012 The Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone announces the release of its report into the April 17, 2012 (see below) disturbances in Bumbuna.

Sierra Leone Police reject the findings of the HRCSL inquiry into the Bumbuna disturbances. Read report.

Sept. 25, 2012  State closing of parliament








Sept. 12. As 7 opposition parties announce boycott of nomination process, APC reportedly pays Le1,700,000,000.00 (one billion seven hundred million leones) to NEC as nomination fees for its candidates for 2012 elections


                                                           SLRA Chinese Killers



                                                                                  Watch the video (low bandwidth 420 kb)


Bottom Mango, Wilberforce

“Criminal recklessness”

                                                                                  Watch the video (medium bandwidth 2.1 MB)

Sept. 13 State House announces that new NEC nomination fees are to be scrapped.


                                                                                   Watch the video (high bandwidth 15 MB)            









Aug 26-Sept 6,2012 Violence mars APC selection of candidates for 2012 elections in Lokomasama, east Freetown and Goderich










Sept 5,2012 Ex-mayor Bankole Johnson and Cassandra Garber, President, Krio Descendants Union meet to chart the way forward

….Petition to government promised shortly…

Sept 7 2012 Furious debate continues in parliament over NEC’s proposed  candidate fees for 2012 election.

Read statement by human rights commission








August 4,2012 Ex-Mayor of Freetown Winstanley Bankole-Johnson convenes meeting to discuss alleged systematic discrimination against Krios and political marginalization. Read paper presented.




























April 17, 2012 Sierra Leone Police again! Police use live ammunition against African Minerals workers striking over poor working conditions. At least one dead. Read press release from Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone

March 28, 2012

March 23, 2012. Government releases its white paper on the Shears-Moses commission of inquiry into political violence. Read government white paper

November 8, 2011.  SLRA/Wilkinson Rd again! Read Workers deprived of fair pay, safety…

October 26, 2011 Government minister implicated in beating death of 16 year old. Read Minister denies beating 16 year old to death.

October 20, 2011. Government continues its policy of seizing privately owned land in Freetown without negotiation or payment of compensation. Lower section of Spur Road is bulldozed to make way for road expansion.


See communication with roads authority, SLRA.


                 SLRA DG Munda Rogers and Chinese contractors…

                 Massive human rights abuse on Wilkinson Rd

October 20, 2011. Protesters detained and facing charges in court following demonstrations in Pujehun district against the government lease of large tracts of agricultural land to French agri-business, Socfin. Read 39 arrested in Pujehun

Reports….. Reports……Reports



 October 6, 2011. Report released by the independent committee set up by government to investigate the September 3 violence in Kono and the September 9 violence in Bo



Sept 9, 2011. Presidential candidate for SLPP, Julius Maada Bio, sustains head injury from stones thrown from APC office in Bo. Commotion and

disorder in the city. Police fire live ammunition and civilians gunned down. APC office in Bo burnt down





Sept 3, 2011. Minister of Internal Affairs, Musa Tarawallie on a visit to Kono district claims he is attacked by supporters of the vice president, Sam Sumana. His armed bodyguards intervene, firing live ammunition and civilian casualties result. Read Shoot-out in Kono!

Sept 3, 2011 Plain clothes police reported to be part of the Presidential guard assault journalists at an international football match at the National Stadium in Freetown. BBC journalist Fajah Barrie is beaten to a coma. Read Presidential guards


May 2, 2011. Prominent human rights activist, writer and proprietor, Peep! newspaper, O.R. Awoonor-Gordon is laid to rest in Freetown. Read tribute.


March 19, 2011. Defense Minister Paolo Conteh’s bodyguards beat up a taxi driver for obstructing the Minister’s vehicle along a Freetown street.Read Minister's Thugs brutalize driver

March 2011. Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone finds presidential bodyguards guilty of brutalizing workers of the Bo/Kenema Power System after a power failure during a presidential visit to the area. Read Leather Boot, others indicted

January 4, 2011. Prison officers arrested in connection with the escape of prisoners from Pademba Road spend their 30th day in detention at the CID, Freetown, in violation of constitutional provisions requiring them to be charged or released

December 16 2010 Journalists in Bo detained and assaulted by police under the orders of Regional Minister South Sam.Sesay. Read Radio station attack.


December 13 2010. Journalists in Freetown arrested and detained by police on the orders of Minister of Lands Allieu Pat-Sowe. Read journalists arrested


November 25, 2010. Confrontation between villagers of Kemadugu village, Tonkolili district and African Minerals over access to land hitherto used by the villagers. Police intervene, firing live ammunition. Many villagers arrested, remainder flee into bush. Read African Minerals vs Kemadugu – Global Times

October 2010. Government through the SLRA bulldozes approximately 220 properties in Freetown to make way for the widening of Wilkinson Rd. No compensation paid. Read Natin pas Advantage,     Natin pas Advantage (Part 2),      What a Miserable Christmas in Freetown West